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CPU II Mole sieve changed

CPU II gas plant (CB&I) was commissioning in May 2012, this is the first change for Molecular sieve (M.S) due to decreasing the plant efficiency after using the Mole Sieve long time since 2012.
Location: CPU-II gas plant / CB & I
Duration: Oct 21, 2018   TO  Nov11, 2018
The gas plant has 3 vessels (dehydrators) Molecular sieve; each of three dehydrators contains about 76100 pounds of mole Sieve, each dehydrator contains (68 Drums ceramic balls and 235 drums Mole sieve)
The function of Mole Sieve is remove the water from the inlet gas, the system is

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Safer Exploration & Production Operation Company (SEPOC) is proudly celebrating its 13th anniversary this year as the first nationalized Oil and Gas Company in the economic history of Yemen.
SEPOC signifies a dream that has become true. On Nov. 14th, 2005 the 20 year production sharing agreement (PSA) with the former American operator HUNT expired and SEPOC confidently assumed the existing production fields of block 18 in Marib, the largest commercial oil block in Yemen so far.
SEPOC mission is to become the steward of Yemeni oil and gas resources through effective discoveries

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