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Celebrating World Environment Day 2023: Our Company's Commitment to Environmental Protection"


World Environment Day on June 5 is celebrated globally every year to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. This special day serves as a reminder to individuals, organizations, and governments to take action toward preserving our environment. Many oil and gas companies, including SEPOC (Safer Exploration and Production Operations Company), recognize the significance of this day and make special efforts to contribute towards environmental conservation.

In honor of World Environment Day 2023, our company is celebrating in a unique and meaningful way. We have organized several activities in all of our field locations to promote environmental awareness and encourage our employees to actively participate in protecting the environment. Our employees will be planting around three hundred trees themselves in different locations, as part of our campaign to promote reforestation. We will also be conducting a campaign to clean some spots in the field and will be honoring the cleanest location in the company. Additionally, one of the planned activities involves engaging the children of our employees to create paintings that represent the significance of World Environment Day. These paintings will be displayed on the walls of the mess hall and shared on our company's social media platforms, and the best ones will be featured on our website. To acknowledge their efforts, we will be awarding prizes to the creators of the best paintings.

To further support our commitment to environmental protection, we will be broadcasting teaching posters, videos, and bulletins to enhance the concept of having a clean and healthy environment. Our Recreation and Athletics Committee has also organized several sports activities for all employees in the field, including those of other companies like Yemen Gas Company, Refinery, and the subcontractors. These activities include swimming competitions, freestyle and diving, and valley ball, amongst others.

All of these events demonstrate the importance that our company places on the protection of the environment, not just on World Environment Day, but throughout the year. We believe that it is our responsibility to do our part in ensuring that we preserve our planet for future generations. Our efforts to create a sustainable and healthy environment will not only benefit our company but will also contribute to the greater good of our society.

In conclusion, World Environment Day is a crucial day to remind us of the importance of protecting our planet. Our company recognizes this significance and is taking action by organizing various events and activities in all of our field locations. We are committed to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging our employees to be active participants in preserving our planet. Our efforts to create a sustainable and healthy environment will continue throughout the year, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection.

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