Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company

Education programs

Social Responsibilities
To encourage mutual respect, cooperation, and a healthy future-focused relationship, SEPOC emphasizes education and health, the cornerstones of strong communities.
SEPOC achieves this encouragement by actively contributing to local communities through developing and protecting one of Yemen's most valuable assets: the human resource.
In doing so, SEPOC creates opportunities through education materials, training, facilities development, and scholarships.
The result is a support system strengthening Yemen’s education process, which in turn creates an atmosphere conducive for teaching and learning.
As a nationally recognized agent of change, the emerging class of young men and women represent a bright future for Yemen.
SAFER appreciates Yemen's youth as beneficial, capable, and proactive, and is dedicated to supporting them in all stages of development.
The future of SEPOC's Youth Development program will focus on creating special opportunities for youth to nurture and enhance their abilities while helping them achieve their full potential.

Education Program

The Education Program of SEPOC Sustainable Development initiative sets a model example of how SAFER and its peers can give back to the community.

The education program provides crucial furnishings, classroom materials, and logistical support for all schools in the Marib province.

To date,donations include:

 Furnishings for all schools, specifically:

  • 10,000 chairs
  • 4000 whiteboard
  • 4,000 desks
  • 8,000 pens
  • Audio equipment for the schools' radios.

 Three busses for Marib's Faculty of Education.