Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company

Exploration Department

Production of Sector 18 in the year 2014

Simultaneously with the appointment of Safer Oil and Gas Company to handle the exploration and production operations in Sector 18 in 2005, the establishment of the Exploration Department followed suit. This department was tasked with conducting drilling and exploration activities for oil and gas within the aforementioned sector.

Accomplishments of the Exploration Management:

The Exploration Management has successfully executed numerous assignments and notable achievements that include:
    Establishing a comprehensive geological, geophysical, and petrophysical database for Sector 18, since the year 1981.

    Reviewing the previous seismic surveys, which cover an area of 19,820 square kilometers, and conducting the necessary processing for them, including the two-dimensional seismic surveys spanning 942.6 square kilometers.

     Implementing new 3D seismic surveys during the period from 2009 to 2010 in Sector 18, covering an area of 2926 square km in four main regions (A, B, C, & D)
    Re-processing the 3D seismic survey in the Marib and B areas and implementing seismic reflection technology.
    Employing seismic velocity models, constructing seismic models based on depth, and developing comprehensive models that integrate
petrophysical specifications and oil saturation, Exploration Management has successfully identified locations with hydrocarbon presence and promising geological structures, performed reserve calculations, and conducted risk assessments.
    Studying and identifying geological structures suitable for exploratory and assessment drilling, based on the exploration portfolio model.

     Drilling 26 exploratory and evaluation wells from 2006 to 2014, resulting in the addition of new explorations
and several development areas in some old fields, with an overall success rate reaching 71%,
leading to the addition of oil and gas reserves for most of these explorations. These fields and
locations include: -

    Wadi Saba Field.
    SLoop field.
     West Jabal Baraat Field.
    West and South Nuqum Formations.
    Redan North and South Formations.
    Meem Field.
    Jabal Nuqum field
    Al-Saeeda Field

    In collaboration with specialized international companies, a multitude of geological and evaluative studies have been
carried out on both foundational rocks and non-conventional rocks. Moreover, specific geological layers, namely
the "Shaqra" and "Lam and Meem" layers, are being thoroughly examined.
    Additionally, an investigation is being conducted to assess the potential for exploration and production within the sandstone intercalations found in the Lam Formation.

Exploration & Development Department (E&D)

Since the foundation of the Department of Field Development, a qualified technical team of national experts has been prepared. This team includes geophysicists, geologists, Petro physicists, and reservoir and production engineers. ...


In November 2005, SAFER was granted exclusive enterprise rights to Yemen's premier Block 18