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Job Evaluation Training



In March 2022, Safer Explorations and Production Operations Company held a distinguished training program for a number of the company’s senior staff. The program’s main objective was to qualify participants as competent job evaluators.

This training program followed the workshop style where participants worked most of the time evaluating and grading job descriptions by applying the Meirc Job Evaluation System. The participants completed the program as qualified job evaluators with a clear definition and realization of the importance of job evaluation to guarantee internal consistency and fairness.

The Meirc System is an analytical job evaluation approach based on a methodology of breaking whole jobs down into defined factors (including job knowledge, contacts, supervision, decision-making, physical efforts, and working environment) and related levels (1, 2, 3,..). Jobs are then compared with a total points score used to determine the overall grade.

SEPOC focuses on analytical job evaluation, providing a more accurate framework for organizations. Obviously, a grading based on an analytical, gender-neutral method offers defense against equal pay claims simply because it develops an organization-wide equitable grade and pay structure.

Abdullah Al-Hashedi

Job Designing and Training Officer

(JE Trainer)

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