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Gas Turbine Overhauling – Reality and Achievement


Gas Turbine Overhauling – Reality and Achievement

During the past eight years, despite the country’s difficult economic conditions, political turmoil, and generally unstable situation, Safer has fulfilled important and major maintenance plans, especially for gas turbines.

Safer Company pays undivided attention and shows great interest in providing good maintenance services for equipment, especially large ones such as gas turbines because of their importance and significant role in improving the production process, extending the life of machines and equipment, and reducing malfunctions that may hinder production and cause huge losses in time and money.

To avoid all production obstacles, Safer Company is keen on providing accurate maintenance to preserve productivity and maintain the safety of the company's workers and equipment.

In the absence of foreign experts and the difficulty of their presence, Safer Company relied on its national team of engineers and technicians to complete this achievement. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible either. With the will and determination of the company's management and employees accompanied by a national sense of responsibility, the impossible was accomplished and the failure-leading obstacles were overcome.

The hard times SEPOC has been experiencing in completing all required maintenance work under the currently living tough circumstances have also represented an opportunity to refine the SEPOC national dedicated technical team and give them a golden opportunity to enhance their confidence in their proficiencies and prove themselves competent.


A Comprehensive Overview of SEPOC's CMG (Central Maintenance Group) Department and its Various Sections.

The Central Maintenance Group (CMG) is an essential department in any oil and gas company, providing a crucial role in maintaining oil and gas equipment and machinery through qualified manpower. The CMG at SEPOC (Safer Exploration and Production Operations Company) is divided into two main groups, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the KPU (Kamil Production Unit), with each group consisting of various sections that specialize in different areas of maintenance, including control systems, electrical, mechanical, instrument, civil and construction, and engineering. The department plays a crucial role in ensuring that all critical equipment and machinery located in the central production units and fields related to production are in good working condition, which helps to optimize operational performance and minimize downtime.
The primary responsibilities of the CMG in maintaining quality control and implementing preventive maintenance programs. These responsibilities include performing inspections, tests, and assessments on equipment and instruments to maintain quality control and implement preventive maintenance programs. Additionally, the department is accountable for performing maintenance and repairs and installing various machines, vessels, and plants, such as electrical and rotating equipment. The CMG also oversees the condition and performance of the rotating equipment and guarantees that all construction activities adhere to industry standards, safety regulations, and guidelines.
The CMG’s significant maintenance accomplishments during the 2022-2023 period and its dedication to maintaining essential equipment. These included fulfilling scheduled servicing for power generation and gas compression systems, performing substantial overhaul work, and upgrading control systems. Moreover, the CMG conducted significant overhauls for gas turbines and power generators, replacing power turbines and carrying out top-end overhauls. These accomplishments by the department underscore their dedication to maintaining essential equipment and machinery in excellent working condition. Optimizing operational efficiency is not the only benefit, but also helps prevent accidents and environmental damage.
To summarize, the CMG is a crucial department in every oil and gas organization, tasked with upholding all machinery and equipment through skilled personnel. Each section of the CMG plays a critical role in ensuring that the oil and gas production facilities are functioning correctly, which helps to prevent any accidents or environmental damage. The CMG is responsible for completing periodic maintenance work for critical equipment and machinery located in the central production units and fields related to the production. The CMG's main duties are to verify and conduct inspections, tests, and reviews of equipment and instruments for quality control and preventive maintenance programs. The CMG is also responsible for ensuring that all post-maintenance commissioning activities are carried out and the equipment is handed back to operations in satisfactory condition.

Now let’s more specifically explore the six different sections of the CMG and their roles in maintaining the efficient operation of the oil and gas facilities. They all play a critical role in ensuring that all equipment functions correctly, which also helps to prevent accidents or downtime: -

Engineering Section- CMG

The engineering section-CMG is responsible for all critical equipment being available and reliable, planning for critical equipment overhaul schedules, and ensuring all spare parts exist to carry out overhauls as per schedule, data collection, and analysis to optimize operational performance. This group collects data from various machines and equipment to identify any trends or patterns that could indicate potential issues. The engineering section also takes care of major maintenance events such as overhauls of engines, compressors, and plants. All in all, the crucial function of this section is to ensure that the oil and gas production facilities are operating at their maximum efficiency, resulting in reduced downtime and increased production.

Control System Group:

The control system group is responsible for troubleshooting and failure analysis of a wide range of instrumentation and associated control systems. This group also takes care of all programming of the control system of critical machines. It includes several engineers and technicians and is headed by a senior control engineer.

Mechanical Section

The mechanical section takes care of mechanical repairs, overhauls, planned maintenance, and installation for all machines, valves, and rotating equipment such as pumps and engines. It also includes a vehicle repair center. Ensuring that all mechanical equipment is functioning accurately is essential for the mechanical section in preventing accidents.

Instrument section

The instrument section takes care of all repairs and installations of instruments for all machines, and plants. All instruments at the SEPOC facilities are inspected, calibrated, configured, repaired, and function-tested by this section i.e., the instrument section plays a crucial role in ensuring that all instruments are functioning properly, toward preventing any accidents or environmental damage

Electrical Section

The electrical section is responsible for handling high and low-voltage equipment, generators, motors, and switch gears. It takes care of all electrical issues such as troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, repairs, and preventive maintenance of all electrical and rotating equipment.

Construction Group

The construction group is responsible for all civil works, flow lines, and pipeline repairs and installations of new plants, vessels, plant shutdown, and mole Sieve changes. This section plays a vital role in ensuring that the oil and gas facilities are in good condition and that there are no leaks or damages to the pipelines that could lead to accidents or environmental damage. The construction group conducts regular inspections of the facilities to identify any potential problems and carries out maintenance work to prevent any issues from escalating.