Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company
Safeguarding Asset Integrity: The Importance of Inspection in the Oil and Gas Industry

As part of the oil and gas industry, SEPOC company recognizes the utmost importance of preserving the integrity of assets to minimize the potential dangers associated with corrosion, and structural flaws. An all-inclusive Inspection Department holds a crucial position in guaranteeing the safety, dependability, and cost-efficiency of operations. This article will delve into the importance of the inspection department n protecting company assets within the oil and gas sector.

Environmental Conservation Efforts

SEPOC company prioritizes the preservation of the desert ecosystem's delicate balance through active engagement in conservation efforts, safeguarding natural habitats, and biodiversity, and implementing measures to ensure the sustainable coexistence of indigenous flora and fauna.

Exploration Department

The Exploration Department in Safer Company is engaged in oil and gas exploration operations in Sector 18. The department has achieved significant accomplishments, including the establishment of a comprehensive database for geological, geophysical, and petrophysical information since the beginning of exploration activities in the sector in the year 1981

Installing Electronic luggage Belts at Sayun Airport

Installing Electronic luggage Belts at Sayun International Airport- Hadramout City In April 2021, the electronic luggage belts project at Sayun International Airport was proudly launched, offered by the (YGC) Yemen Gas Company and SEPOC -Safer Exploration and Production Operations Company.

Exploration & Development Department (E&D)

Since the foundation of the Department of Field Development, a qualified technical team of national experts has been prepared. This team includes geophysicists, geologists, Petro physicists, and reservoir and production engineers. ...