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SEPOC DEGM Statement
DEGM Statement |
DEGM Statement

To all SEPOC respected heroes, known and hidden, men and women, main and supports in all locations,
Please, accept my sincere congratulations and recognitions in this great and improving day.
Your anniversary is a real national anniversary. You had been the first in localization, performance, optimization, achievements, innovation and most important Yemenies to YEMEN.
I want you to recognize your value and company value nowadays, without you Yemenies life was going to be more miserable.
You are taking the right position when others take the wrong one. You are producing when others are damaging. You are building when others are destroying.
Just yesterday, we celebrated Alif field happiness and today or tomorrow will celebrate 1st casing back off success, the two wings of SEPOC, i.e. fields and facilities.
I will mention few of your landmarks to give you part of the reasons for “why you should be happy, proud of your selves and most importantly very optimistic”.
These achievements are not high management records at all but yours as you the ones who made them from the beginning till the end:
1-     Optimizing operation and running equipment utilization, KPU load shedding (done), CPUII load shedding (in progress), Shura (in progress), Raydan (in progress)
2-     Controlling and securing risky wells in a record time, which used to be done by international specialized Well Control companies
3-     Correcting gas production/injection strategies and reviving Alif reservoir after lots of damages during the last few years, now Alif gas injection is greater than production
4-     Introducing new practices into our WO that was never done by SEPOC before but by international service companies, i.e. cementing and casing back-offs
5-     Repairing and replacing defective equipment innovatively 
6-     Utilizing old, scrap and abnormal item innovatively to move forward in our optimization
7-     Reacting to and controlling safety hazards (LPG fire) and restoring safety standards, same is in progress
8-     Reacting to abnormalities with best possible practices
9-     Utilizing and optimizing manpower effectively
10-  Finance, procurement, logistics and all other risk takers long nights to finalize requirements and support operations on time
11-  Walking thru mine fields w/ the least security support with heroes who risked their lives for the sake of the company and country, specially fields and FSO operations
12-  It is worth mentioning the huge man made obstacles that had been overcome and neutralized to the best company benefit
The above are just part of the real heroes facing the fire achievements, as talk will never end if we will mention all records. Also, it is a must to mention the main support from local authorities, specifically the respected and valuated H.E. Marib governor, who had been the mountain lifting SEPOC high all the times and putting SEPOC needs ahead of any other critical needs.
Please, use the above as a motivating factor to continue rolling confidently, safely and innovatively to better future, which I can see very clear.
Adel Al-Haygana, DEGM.

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