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Safer News Media
 SEPOC Activities
  COVID-19 SEPOC Procedure.
Date: [ 06-04-2020]

Safer Exploration and Production Operations, SEPOC is keen on the safety and health of its employees and has a commitments to provide all medical care employees and their family inside and outside the facilities.
Accordingly, the medical committee has taken a number of measures and procedure  ...

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  ALIF-1 Brief History.
Date: [ 12-09-2019]

•    The well drilled by X-company YHOC in the eightees
•    Well Handled & operated by the national Oil Company SAFER in 2005
•    The name Alif came from the first letter of AL-Yemen
•    Alif-1 i  ...

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  Mareb Al-Abir Road.
Date: [ 02-03-2019]

As we all know, Safer Oil Company is the centre of benevolence with which our country is proud of.
SAFER is contributing its most in philanthropy in helping the nation and community at this difficult time of war and economic difficulties by employing whatever resources at its disposal for t  ...

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  Refinery comprehensive maintenance.
Date: [ 20-12-2018]

With the support of the local council of the province of Marib represented by the Major General Sheikh Sultan bin Ali Mbkhut Al-Arada and the General Administration of Safer Company under the direct supervision of the General Executive Director Eng. Salem Mohammed Kaiti

In implementation  ...

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  CPU II Mole sieve changed.
Date: [ 19-11-2018]

CPU II gas plant (CB&I) was commissioning in May 2012, this is the first change for Molecular sieve (M.S) due to decreasing the plant efficiency after using the Mole Sieve long time since 2012.
Location: CPU-II gas plant / CB & I
Duration: Oct 21, 2018   TO  Nov11  ...

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  Extraordinary job on Alif-78 GIW.
Date: [ 19-11-2018]

7 IN casing leak repair
Well status: - Well drilled in Alif field on Oct-1987 & know the utilized as gas injection well.
-    Casing back-off is to recover the bad section of casing & run new casing.
-    Main Steps:-
   &nb  ...

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  K3451 Gas Injection Compressor.
Date: [ 16-11-2018]

K3451 Gas Injection Compressor is located at al-Raja field at 60KM from Central Proceeding Unit CPU.
 It is considered as one of the most producing oil field. Currently it is operating with one Frame5 Nuovo Pignone and is producing products of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG equivale  ...

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  Received Avon Engine 38409.
Date: [ 29-07-2018]

Avon engine SN.38409 has been received at CPU on July-2018, after Major overhaul at RWG-UK, the total cost of overhaul is about $2,000,000.Engine has been inspected and installed on Reinjection gas compressor RGC-1202”C” @ Zero hours. 

Due to low efficiency of RGC“C  ...

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  Firefighting Exercise.
Date: [ 21-05-2018]

As part of the safety policy, Safer Company is ready to raise the level of readiness to respond in case of emergency through the continuous training of the response team and volunteers. The Safety Department has worked out a training plan to build a strong emergency response team to meet the chal  ...

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  SAFER Has Launched satalite Internet .
Date: [ 17-05-2018]

SAFER has launched satalite Internet service using VSAT technology, providing an independent communications network , with efficient and high speed services capabilities that support data transmission, local networks, voice communications and other services which meet the company current and futu  ...

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  Oil Wells Maintenance And Rig 101 Move.
Date: [ 12-05-2018]

After being stopped for more than three years the oil wells maintenance rigs, Safer was able to move one of these rigs to resume the necessary maintenance of a number of affected wells.
It is noted that these rigs had stopped initially for security reasons related to the war, followed by fin  ...

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  Safer Awards Its Outstanding Employees.
Date: [ 05-05-2018]

SEPOC’s top management believes in teamwork. The executive management were involved in granting the rights of employees for this Labor Day honor.
Different criteria and procedures such as hard work , initiative ,taking the lead in achieving daily tas  ...

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  Replace GTG-B Power Turbine At CPU.
Date: [ 15-01-2018]

Completed the replacement of Generator’s B turbine was working more than 177,000 hrs at the central production unit under the supervision and implementation of Yemeni engineers and technicians.
The work took about 29 days and is considered one of the main maintenance works. 

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  Camp Accomodation Expansion.
Date: [ 29-12-2017]

Due to the increasing number of field block 18 operations personal, SEPOC has recently expanded its accomodation facilities throught implementing three high quality resedential blocks with 20 room for each building.
The projects construction  started  in the beginning of 2016 and  ...

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  KPU- Gas Plant B Mole Sieve .
Date: [ 18-03-2018]

Mole Sieve arrived at KPU, plan for shutdown KPU gas plant B and mole sieve changed,Molecular sieves inside the de-hydrator to extract h2o from feed natural gas.
Improve the efficiency of KPU plant and increasing the production of LPG too.


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  Supplying Power To Refinery Plant.
Date: [ 28-03-2018]

Supplying power to Refinery Plant

This project is a real management willing to reduce highly cost expenditures in spare parts and major repair of very old solar power generators, beside that it is going to improve the performance of  Avon power generators which have  ...

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  Marib-Al-Abr Road Repair.
Date: [ 22-03-2017]

Due to the frequent accidents that have been taking place over the past couple of years,Safer company has taken an initiative action and provided the necessary resources in terms of manpower, materials and equipment to rehabilitate the asphalt road in order to mitigate the road accidents.

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  12 Inch Line Project From CPUII to Injection Manifold.
Date: [ 18-03-2017]

SEPOC CMG and project  engineering departments have finally accomplished connecting CPU-II gas header to RGC injection manifolds, the materials used : 1500 dia-inch weld, 300 ton of piping,100 cu-m concrete.
the main aim of this project is  recovering the pressure of Alif field res  ...

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  KPU-A & C Frame-5 Major Overhaul Gas Turbine.
Date: [ 18-12-2017]

Completed hot gas path inspection (24,000 hrs.) of KPU A and C gas turbines on Sep. & Oct. 2017, these jobs are consider a major overhaul maintenance were carryout by Yemeni technicians and supervised by Yemeni engineer.

During these jobs all major parts of gas turbine were changed. <  ...

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  Prepared Safer Airstrip.
Date: [ 18-03-2018]

SEPOC has prepared its airstrip in a very short time to help and deliver humanitarian assistance from the Arab coalition countries to Yemeni citizens displaced from their homes during the war.


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