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Safer Production Supt
Production Superintendent Statement |
Prod Supt Statement

Production TeamAchievements of the year 2018 for maintenance rigs and maintenance of wells
On the occasion of the establishment of Safer Exploration and Production Company, I would like to congratulate you on the four important achievements of this year 2018 for the engineering production group and the group of wells maintenance since the resumption of maintenance of oil and gas wells.
We have made unique achievements that we considered to be a fantasy in the absence of Foreign Service companies with their foreign experts.
These achievements are as follows:
First: To carry out several works in the field of cement wells by bringing cement and related materials in cement mixing and equipment processing locally.
Cement plugs have been put in place to secure and maintain gas wells for production and reinjection in accordance with the programs prepared for this purpose.
This kind of work would cost Safer a lot of money and effort.
Second, this achievement is of great importance and is the replacement of the production pipes, which have been worn and rusted due to their aging, which are extremely dangerous and may be difficult to control.
This work was also carried by specialized foreign companies and it cost the company a lot of money.
We in the maintenance of wells decided to fight this battle and we were confident of our modest potential to repair and replace damaged and worn production pipes with all dedication and trust after relying on God and then on our expertise and our Yemeni cadres that need more qualification in this area.
Third: adapting some of the equipment used in the completion of the wells ...
We have volunteered to meet with our needs under these circumstances of the isolation of the layers and use them to perform two important purposes at the same time are secure and used in production despite the circumstances and tribulations.
Fourth: The quality control we have done after God reconciled from local control and the efforts of the loyal people of our Yemeni cadres in the Maintenance Excavators and Field, we have been able, thankfully, to exert a local and personal effort to control well for gas injection.
Thanks and appreciation to the site management and senior management of the company for their continuous support to us to accomplish these tasks with purely local self-effort.
 Special thanks also to the maintenance excavators group of engineers, technicians and workers.

Eng. Abdu Ahmed Hassan.

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